Ridiculous things brands ask the bloggers to do


Hey Bloggers,

It’s chit-chat time! It would be fascinating to hear about some of the ridiculous brand demands.

Please tell us what is the most ridiculous thing a brand has asked you to do in the name of brand collaboration?

I am sure any blogger with a few brand collaborations under their belt will have a few tales to tell! So, go ahead - spill the beans!


PS - You don’t have to mention the brand name if you don’t want to :wink:


To buy their products and feature it on my platform in the collaboration. They didn’t want to do a barter or pay for it. Duh ! I ignore such collaborations. I will buy and review it on my own and not when a brand tells that to me in the name of collaboration.


I’ve seen this happen with so many of the bloggers we’ve interacted with! It’s not even a collaboration tbh :slight_smile:


They ask you to buy their products and review them in the most positive manner possible even if their products are not worth it.


When brands want to collaborate and ask only to pay for the shipping of the product and the shipping amount turns out be 1-2k.


When brands ask to buy their product at 40% discount and get featured on its page and promote it on my page too…and the product even cost 4k after 40% of discount… I mean its too much .