Product updates this week!


Hello people!

We’ve been working on a couple of updates and released it this week. Have a look -

1. Your audience can now give you a 5 star rating - Receive direct feedback from your audience on a scale of 1 - 5 stars. We chose a rating system as compared to a regular like feature because we believe that when you like or want to appreciate something, it’s never a binary. It’s always something more than that. Someone could just like what you have created, or love it. To make sure this clearly comes across, we felt that a 5 star rating does the job in a much better way.

2. You can now manage your comments from your dashboard - Login to your dashboard and manage your comments. You can choose to show or hide comments on your posts. We’ve also implemented an all new comments interface that’s great to look at and also easier to use than before!

3. New themes on the Android app - We’ve released some super cool filters on the Android app called Edit, Sharp & Highlight. Do check it out :slight_smile: and let us know what you think!