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Hey guys!

This is Rahul here. @Nikhil and I started Winkl with the mission of helping creators succeed in whatever they choose to create. Would love to get to know you guys and learn how we can make Winkl better for you.

Hope you have a great time being a part of this community!



Hi Peeps, :raising_hand_woman:

I am Surabhi, and I am the Marketing manager here at Winkl. It will be great getting to know you all and interact with the people who make Winkl what it is.



Hi guys!

Nikhil here! I take care of the tech at Winkl. @Rahul and I started Winkl to help creators get started to succeed. If you need any help regarding any aspect on Winkl, feel free to contact me at any time, any day! I would be more than happy to help you out. Welcome to our community :smiley:




I am Shailja Mittal, a marketer by profession. I am also the branding and marketing consultant at Winkl. Why I choose Winkl? one foremost reason- I love creating and curating content and so far in my experience with Lifestyle products, Winkl is the undisputed leader for re-imagining the future content discovery, creation and influencers. When I came across Winkl- ‘it was a match!’ :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to some interesting discussions here with content creators!

Kudos to @Nikhil and @Rahul



To all pioneers ,well-wishers and social media partners to all my hearty blessings and best wishes.
I am a buyer hobbyist and learning how to make blog,websites etc. with the assistance of every person who is teaching me a little by little, i am learning at this young old age of 85 to keep my brain cells working in good condition.My aim is to help all who need my services.I teach English,Hindi,French,German, Arabic and all school subjects except Maths. and computer and also give career guidance to the extent it is possible.I also write blogs.If i have brought a smile and confidence on any person I feel very privileged and honoured.Thanks for you kind invitation to Winkl and sincere appreciation to all in the team.
god bless you all.
there are many like me who have doubts in making blogs and websites esp in
.to them if you can explain every item i/icon it will be of great help.


Hey… I am Krupa and I am a home maker from Chennai. Well actually I don multiple hats- chemistry tutor, homemaker and blogger. I focus on organic and natural skincare product reviews, and when it comes to styling, I love ethnic wear. My blog is my journey through makeup, fashion with bits of my life thrown in.


Hi guys,
My name is Megha Gupta, I have my own YouTube channel and I have a active instagram with informative posts. Linking both of them. Do support.

Instagram: @cloudy_secret




Hello everyone!
This is Naindeep here, I recently joined this platform and I wanna be a content writer and I have started working as a content writer for some photographers, and really want to learn many more things in blogging and want to nurture my skills in content writing more and more.
You can check my work on Instagram, colorful_vibrations.


This is Nishant. I am a Lucknow-based journalist and storyteller. I have recently logged on to Winkl and it looks like a good place to write. Rahul and Nikhil have been very welcoming and supportive all this while and I look forward to great times here.


Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

@gnrao @Misskay_LN @gupta.megha1407 @naindeepkaur10790 @kahanicafe

Hope you all find value in the conversations and ideas that will be discussed here in the coming days!


HI… I am mahathi Ramya, a mom blogger. I love writing on parenting, books and travel. My blog :


Hey guys, I am Aarti.
Engineer by profession and blogger by passion. I am in love with styling outfits. A hidden talent i discovered recently and thought of sharing it with others. Winkl proved to be a platform to do so. I write on fashion, beauty and lifestyle and if I can inspire anyone around me I think my purpose would be served.
Instagram handle
My blog


Great to have you all joining us :smiley: @ramyaelr and @aartijha96.


Hey Guys!

This is Ujjawal here. Currently pursuing MBA and I want to be a blogger. I have recently joined this platform. It looks like an interesting place to get lots of knowledge.
As I am the new one in this blogging world, Hope I will get lot of things to learn from here about Blogging.
Kindly see my blog on


Hey Ujjawal!

Glad to have you on Winkl :slight_smile: Really liked your recent post about “perception”


Thanks a lot Rahul for your appreciation. Can You suggest me the topics for the post. because I m a bit confused what to write next.


Hey Ujjawal,

You can go through Winkl’s new Ebook which lists down 100 blog topic ideas! These ideas can be twisted and tweaked so that you come up with completely unique topics. The ideas have been contributed by content creators of Winkl’s own community!


Thank You Surabhi for sharing me this e book.


Hey guys. This is Aradhana. I am a Chennai based Blogger/influencer and also an automotive engineer. It is been few months I have started blog My Peppy Pursuits where I share my passion about Fashion, Beauty and my travel stories.
Here is link to my latest post. Please have a look as I need your constructive feedback. :slight_smile:
My Peppy Pursuits