Instagram Pods: Good or Bad?


Hey Guys,

We are trying to make our mind about something and we need your help. Are Instagram pods good or bad for you? Do they really help with getting genuine engagement? Are they ethical? And should you join them?

Let us know your thoughts on this!

P.S - for those of you who do not know what pods are, here is a brief summary -
Instagram pods, are small groups of 10-15 bloggers, influencers, and content creators that work in similar niches and with similar audiences. They follow, like, and leave comments to their peers’ content to help boost their posts in users’ newsfeed. Simply put, the sole purpose of Instagram pods is to help make your content go viral.


Personally I am not very fond of this concept of Instagram Pods. I once joined it a long time back and it felt more like stress to me to make sure to comment and like everyone’s picture. There were instances where I personally did not like the content of the picture but being a part of the pod, I had to like it. Comments like “Oh you look great here”, “That looks good on you”, “This sounds so good” felt absolutely useless to me and eventually I decided to leave the pods. I feel if your content is good, you would automatically see followers commenting on your pictures and thereby increasing the engagement rate as a whole. And that is exactly what happened in my case too :slight_smile:
My Instagram handle is @herhappyface in case you want to check it out!


Instagram pods are good to give your post a boost. But i don’t like the idea of fake comments and engaging for the purpose of engaging only. I prefer people to like and comment on my content if they actually like it. Otherwise , they shouldn’t. The sole purpose is to be authentic. But it is also a great way to communicate with your fellow bloggers. So my response is kind of neutral. :slight_smile:


A valid point Ridhi, but have heard from many that this is just to game Instagram and make it look like a post is getting good engagement, as a result of which Instagram algorithm gives it much more visibility.


Hey Abhinav, don’t this it’s a way for bloggers to communicate with each other. Whatsapp groups are better for that :stuck_out_tongue: