Challenges that you face in content creation


Hi Peeps,

Let’s help each other solving our bottlenecks and grow together by sharing, advising and giving feedback.

Share the challenges you face in content creation, blogging process in this thread and we will try to help you as much as possible!



One challenge I face is the time to be spent on content creation and social media promotion. Since I don’t have much time, I need some good tools which are efficient and free like buffer. Tools like Canva help me a lot to create good images and quotes.


I think i am unable to reach my blog to the community , people just check out the insta photos but the article is not read by them. Even after putting stories on insta ** link in bio ** statement is not understood by everyone .


Hey Ramya! Yes, we totally get it. Even we at Winkl use a bunch of tools to help our content creation process become more efficient. You might want to check this out -

We have listed some tools that we find quite useful.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey Mansi, just so that I get better context, can you share some images of your stories here? Would be helpful.

What we noticed is, using Instagram story as an announcement tool doesn’t work. Using it to share a teaser or a short trailer works much better. For example, try converting the first para of your blog post into 2-4 Insta stories. The story can be a mix of some text, images, gifs (as opposed to only image and link in bio)

Once your audience gets a slight taste about what the blog post is going to be, the chances of them going to your blog would be much higher.

Here are some Instagram story templates that might be useful to you.


Thanks for that PDF. Very useful… Will try


My instagram followers decrease pretty faster than I gain them. I don’t get response as I expect. What exactly should I do apart from creating quality content ? How would I know if there is anything or anywhere that I’m lacking ?


Hey @Suboohi_Khan,

Try engaging with your audience more - ask them questions, ask them for feedback, make use of Instagram story features such as polls, questions, play games, etc
Apart from quality content, see what kind of audience you have and try posting relevant content.
Try looking at your insights and find out the best time to post during the day and what kind of posts are getting engagement.
Don’t over post and spam your followers’ feed
Do a live story and let your audience see the real you and get to know you
Be consistent and keep experimenting.


Thankz surabhi, will definitely try it.