Bitcoin Escrow Script - Start Your Own Bitcoin Escrow Business Instantly


A bitcoin escrow script is a set of coding language like HTML, PHP, javascript that helps to create a secure bitcoin exchange platform. Where a buyer and seller can fastly transact their bitcoins without any loss.


The escrow means a trustworthy person on the website. Where buyer and sellers depend on one vendor on the website or escrow act admin for the website.

In an e-commerce website, the seller wants to sell the item he/she can post an advertisement according to the product. Another side, The buyer can search the item through seeing the seller post ad, location, price of the product, etc. If a buyer is interested to buy a product he/she wants to pay money to buy an item.

In some cases, if the is any problem between two parties where buyer can’t send the money to the seller account or buyer can’t receive the item.

The escrow came to solve the problem between two parties through online chat or free support call.

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